White, Male Democrat Thinks He’s A Minority

One Democrat is attempting to take a new title for most clueless...

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One Democrat is attempting to take a new title for most clueless as they declare themselves a minority.

Democrats have lately been consistently pushing to have a woman or person of color take office in the upcoming election. 

This demographic notably leaves out Pete Buttigieg, a privileged white male who received education at both Harvard and Oxford.

But Buttigieg doesn’t see that has a problem, as apparently he himself is a minority. 

It’s understandable if that doesn’t seem obvious as Buttigieg alleges it’s his sexual preference that makes him a minority. 

“It is true that each of us can see in our own identity all the reasons we’re misunderstood and then say, ‘You don’t understand me because you haven’t walked in my shoes’ — something that is true, as far as it goes,” Buttigieg said. “But it doesn’t get us very far. Because we could also see in our identity the beginning of a new form of American solidarity.”

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Even Buttigieg himself notes that this doesn’t put him on par with the discrimination others face. 

“I’m not talking about pretending that there are equivalencies between the different patterns of exclusion in this country,” he explained. “I may be a part of the LGBTQ community, but being a gay man doesn’t even tell me what it’s like to be a trans woman of color in that same community — let alone an undocumented mother of four, or a disabled veteran or a displaced auto worker.”

This is a very out of touch statement to come from a presidential candidate and it’s likely Buttigieg won’t be allowed to forget this anytime soon. 

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