Washed Up Senator’s DISGUSTING Attack On Trump

Image credit: NBC News

This is an outright lie…

Recently on MSNBC former Democratic Sen. Al Franken, who stepped down after being exposed for sexual misconduct, accused President Trump of forcing governors to “blow smoke up his butt to get their ventilators.”

According to Breitbart, Franken stated, “It’s just tragic. Part of the tragedy is you know, we were going to have a pandemic but not at this level if we had acted. If the President had acted.”

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He then said, “Instead of those two months that you just talked about in your last segment, going past before the President even acknowledged that there was a real problem. And you know, sometimes people say, let’s put that two months away, but he still can’t do his job because he’s going out there and having — doing a reality show. This guy really thinks the government is a reality show when the rest of America is dealing with this reality. And he continues to lie. He continues to — he’s self-congratulatory.”

Adding, “He is — you know, I’m not a psychiatrist, and I’ve not personally examined him, but it’s clear that he is, you know, a malignant narcissist or something on that order. He can’t help but to do this and cite his ratings and tell governors that they have to blow smoke up his butt to get their ventilators. That’s what he’s doing. And this is sick.” You can watch a clip of Franken’s comments here.

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