Recording Surfaces Of NY Governor Cuomo Dropping N-BOMB

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Democrats are so racist…

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo might want to avoid his little brother after using an uncensored version of the N-word during a live radio show on Tuesday.

CNN pundit Chris Cuomo, the younger brother of the Democratic governor, famously said being called “Fredo” is “like the N-word” for Italians during a viral outburst earlier this year. Fredo is a reference to Fredo Corleone, the weak and facile brother in the movie “The Godfather,” who was played by John Cazale.

The older Cuomo sibling called into WAMC radio to discuss a variety of topics, including a recent New York Times opinion piece headlined, “How Italians Became ‘White.” The governor used the uncensored version of the N-word when discussing the Times piece.

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“They used an expression that Southern Italians were called, I believe they were saying Southern Italians, Sicilians – I’m half Sicilian – were called, quote-unquote and pardon my language, but I’m just quoting the Times: ‘n—r wops,’” Cuomo said without censoring the word.

“N-word wops, as a derogatory comment,” Cuomo continued, using the abbreviation for the second reference.

WAMC’s Alan Chartock didn’t comment on Cuomo’s use of the word. In fairness to the governor, the Times did publish the uncensored word itself to describe racist terms used against Italian-Americans — but that didn’t stop critics from rushing to Twitter with thoughts.

Src: Fox News

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