Trump Reveals Origin Of ‘Witch Hunt’ Investigation

Image credit: cbn

President Donald Trump has spent the majority of his presidency being harassed by the underlings of the radical left ever since he took office. Using Twitter to spread the word, he’s now exposing how the whole mess got started. 

In an evening tweet, Trump explains that it was “dirty cop” James Comey who kicked off the investigation by illegally leaking information to a constituent. 

While President Trump hasn’t indicated he’l be taking any action related to this revelation, it does show that he is keeping tabs on those who are out to undo him. Hopefully they take the warning. 

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  1. Why does Trump still think conservatives are all going to buy into his lies?
    Is there really any intelligent person who doesn’t know that the investigation started because of George Papadopalos?
    ( Google it)
    I do realize if you repeat the same thing enough times people will start to believe it, but people also need to take into account that Trump’s lied in office to the public over 900 times. To put in context Obama was rated at 15 times after 8yrs.

    1. For one thing he’s not lying, open your blinded left wing eyes and you’ll see he’s doing a great job.
      The liars are the treasonous DEMONrats.

    2. Since you are so up on the truth did you know Obuma was a fake president and an illegal alien? Everything he said and did was a lie! (Look it up) His birth certificate is in the UK. Kenya was a territory of UK. Re-think what you’re sure of!!!

    3. It started long before that in 2016 during the campaign. They started look at Carter Page initially so the could set up surveillance on Trump himself and his family. Russia was just a ruse to justify the spying.

  2. Mr. President I feel like you should start An Investigation on Obama Hillary Clinton mueller And pep Calypso Belasco piece of crap And there are a few other Democrats that need to be investigated it while you have all of the American people behind you 100% and they won’t answer his

    1. I agree with Bro!!!!!
      Otherwise the treasonous, obstructionist radical left are not going to stop!
      Justice must be served or there isnt any!!

  3. The investigation of rogue FBI, Obama and FISA crooks needs to start ASAP. Soon news of the election will drown out a lot of news. Get on it NOW. And please lets stand by our great president.

  4. Trump did not mention in his tweet how the investigation began. He said Comey (a dirty cop) leaked his (Comey’s) memos to a friend, who leaked them to the press, which is the reason we had a Special Counsel “ investigation” Some Liberals should take courses in reading comprehension. Then they wouldn’t be calling most of the things they read, lies. Oh, and Comey really was and is an unlawful, criminal. Because of hate.

  5. I think it’s only fair that the proceeds from his book, go to pay back the taxpayers money for starting this mess. Then after he is tried and convicted, and goes to the big house, what he earns in there, continues to go towards his debt. I can’t wait for them all to be investigated. Mueller, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Lynch, Rice, Clinton. Obama, Peter S. And Page.. Thats a great start. They all delighted in creating havoc in so many lives. Time for paybacks.

  6. Why did Comey not investigate Hilary? Was Benghazi a lie? Do you want a country or democratic control? Obama is a racist. Obama was the worst President in the history of our country. If the democrats get control of this country, we will be a large third world country. Do you value your freedom? Do you love your country?