Trump Jr. Teams Up With Rush Limbaugh, DESTROYS The Left

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Here’s what he said…

After stopping by “The View” Donald Trump Jr. joined conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh and unloaded on the Left.

Don Jr. made clear that he sees no letting up anytime soon, telling Limbaugh, bluntly, “we’re at war.”

“We’re at war, and we’re at war for our freedoms,” Don Jr. said. “We’re at war for our culture. You know, this is the largest divide between the two political parties in the history of the country. You know, I write a lot in the book about socialism and communism, ’cause my mother escaped from it. You know, I grew up with grandparents that lived through that stuff. You know, I spent summers in what was then communist Czechoslovakia. I can tell you those bread lines that Bernie talks about are not nearly so wonderful.”

“The press took an eight-year vacation,” the Trump son added. “It’s why they’re so energized now. Under the Obama administration there was nothing he could do wrong, regardless of the idiocy of the some of the policies.”

While on the program, Don Jr. made it a point to outline the difference between him and former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden.

“They go, ‘Well, Donald Trump Jr., he’s also the son of a guy with a famous last name and he capitalized on it,’ and I go, ‘Yeah, I know. A hundred percent,’” Don Jr. started. “I don’t even hide from that. But we did it at private citizens, as capitalists. We didn’t utilize… We were international businesspeople, Rush, for two decades. This is what I did.”

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“When my father won, he said, ‘We will not do any new international deals going forward,’” he explained. “Hunter Biden — who’d never done any deals in his life — magically becomes this international businessman.”

“[Hunter] knows nothing about oil and gas,” added Don Jr. “He doesn’t speak Ukrainian. Minor details. But he’s willing to take $83,000 a month. You know, he had six weeks to prep for that ABC interview and he still didn’t know why the heck he got the job.”

The Trump son recalled getting a call from the White House and being connected to his father, only to be scolded for being too aggressive on social media.

One of the interesting stories in the book is my father actually calling me, and I get the call from the White House. “This is White House operator. The president would like to speak to you.”

“Hey, Dad. What’s going on?”

“Don, you’re getting a little aggressive on social media these days.”

I go, “Wait a minute, Dad. (laughing) Dad, I love you. I love you very much. I respect you dearly. I will listen to you on just about anything. This may be the one place, the one place where we may cede a little bit of the high ground here.” So I’ve had some fun with that.

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