Trump Jr.’s Favorite Democrat

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This is extremely shocking…

New Age presidential candidate guru, writer, and Democrat Marianne Williamson said after Tuesday’s Democrat discussion in Detroit that after a breakthrough appearance, many individuals had good stuff to say about her, including Donald Trump Jr.

In an interview with Fox News, Williamson made the remarks when presenter Bill Hemmer questioned her how she believed she was doing in the discussion.

“Well you know being on the debate stage is kind of grueling,” Williamson said. “But I feel like I had a chance to say a few things and I feel that I was heard.

Hemmer questioned Williamson about the tweet about her by Donald J. Trump Jr.

“People are gonna think that I’m trolling but compared to what else is up on this stage I think Marianne Williamson is actually winning this thing,” Trump tweeted. “This is amazing. No question she seems to be drawing the biggest applause”:

“Even Donald Trump Jr. had nice things to say,” Williamson said.

Trump also tweeted that even though she was not on stage, Williamson won Wednesday’s second Democrat debate.

Hemmer also asked whether her appearance at the debate was her “last best hope” given that she has not yet qualified for the fall debate.

“I certainly hope not,” Williamson said, adding that she needs 37,000 more “unique voters” and a 2 percent showing in at least four major polls by the August 28 deadline.

“I’m in it to win it,” Williamson said.

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