Trump Exposes MASSIVE Media Corruption

Image credit: Christian Science Monitor

The jig is up!

In a recent interview with Fox’s Sean Hannity, President Donald Trump shocked the liberal media when he admitted that he knew they were giving his rival, Joe Biden, the questions to interviews in advance!

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According to the Gateway Pundit, “Well the media in terms of what their doing is actually worse than what you’re saying because it looks to me like they’re asking him a question and then he’s reading an answer off the Teleprompter. Now that would mean like your friend over there, Donna Brazile… It looks to me like he’s been given the questions and he’s reading the answers. That would mean to me that the media is giving him the questions. They never gave me the questions. I’ll tell you that… It’s obvious that Joe is reading the answers off the Teleprompter.”

You can read the full details of this story here.

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