Trump BEEFS UP This Government Program

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President Donald Trump and his administration are making some savory new proposals. 

Trump’s administration has proposed new ruling for the federal food stamp program that would see beef jerky, pimiento-stuffed olives and canned spray cheese among others as staple foods eligible for purchase under the food stamp program.

While some like the U.S. Agriculture Department have stated these new rulings will allow retailers to save money under the revised minimum stocking requirements, there are critics from nutrition advocates.

For example, the Center for Science in the Public Interest group slammed the move saying it would restrict low-income families access to healthy foods. 

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The group’s vice president for nutrition, Margo Wootan, said that changes made to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program was equatable to late President Ronald Reagan’s claims that ketchup counted as a vegetable.

“You don’t have to have a nutrition degree to know that canned spray cheese sauce is not a staple food,” Wootan said. “It’s not that different than counting ketchup as a vegetable.”

Yet those views don’t take into consideration the challenge small stores face in keeping shelves stocked with the minimum requirement of the four staple food types, meat, dairy, grains plus fruits and vegetables.

The new ruling should make it easier for stores to keep all required items in stock and for longer periods. 

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  1. While ketchup may bot qualify as a veggie, it does have some beneficial ingredients, Beef jerky is protein, though expensive, and cheese spread, well it is mostly cheese?