Ted Cruz SLAPS Corrupt Democrats Down To Size

Image credit: Dallas Morning News

He’s not messing around.

According to Breitbart News, Sen. Ted Cruz slammed Democrats stating that it is “in their political best interest to allow the mob to carry out their violence.”

“You know, this is a really tough time for our country right now,” he said. “We’re seeing riots across the country. We’re seeing violence and police cars being firebombed, police officers being murdered, and violent mobs within our cities. But even worse, in the face of that, we’re also seeing Democratic politicians — Democratic mayors, Democratic governors — who have somehow made the decision it’s in their political best interest to allow the mob to carry out their violence. And they’re refusing to protect their own citizens. They’re allowing these lawless autonomous zones to exist within their boundaries. That has never happened in modern times.”

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“And so, I introduced this week legislation that if an elected official wrongfully denies their citizens the right to police protection in the situation of a riot, that you can sue them and get triple damages for any injuries you suffer or for any damage to your home or your business,” Cruz continued. “And a lot of these Democratic politicians sat by as small businesses were looted and burned to the ground. Many of those small business owners were African-American or Hispanics. But the Democratic politicians didn’t care. It was in their — what they defined as their partisan interest to allow the mob to rage. That’s — that’s not right.” You can read the full article here.

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