Ted Cruz Blows The Lid Off Impeachment

Image Credit: Wired

America won’t forget this…

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) talked about the possibility of Speaker Pelosi not sending the articles of impeachment to Senate over concerns of a “fair” trial being held. 

According to Breitbart, Cruz stated, “The Democrats are in a panic because in the last month their case collapsed. Rewind back to a month ago. A month ago every Democrat was saying over and over again, ‘bribery.’ Remember that was their talking point? ‘Bribery, bribery, bribery.’ The reason was the Democratic Campaign Committee, they polled that and their focus groups had told them that bribery is bad. The American people don’t like bribery. So in one day, every Democrat began saying bribery.”

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Adding, “Here’s the problem: the facts, the actual evidence doesn’t support bribery. As they heard the evidence, they couldn’t prove bribery. And they’ve now backed away from bribery, they’ve backed away — remember quid pro quo? That was their favorite phrase. That’s disappeared. And they’ve now taken the position that they can impeach the president without alleging he violated any criminal law whatsoever, without alleging he violated any federal law. Literally — not even alleging a speeding ticket. That is a remarkable position, it’s an extreme position.” You can watch a clip of his comments here.

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