RIDICULOUS Reason Why This Democrat Wants Impeachment

Image credit: Fox News

This just goes to show how corrupt the left is…

On MSNBC’s “The Last Word,” Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) said he believed to go forward with the impeachment of President Donald Trump regardless of the outcome in the Senate because Trump will “look like a corrupted president.”

Swalwell said, “We are undergoing I would call it an impeachment investigation. I don’t think there is really a difference and what the chairman has said is that there is a number of remedies for the president’s conduct, of course, the most extraordinary is impeachment and we are considering that and as we make our case to the court about why all these witnesses and evidence is necessary, we are telling them we need this evidence, we need these witnesses because one of the considerations is impeachment.”

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He continued, “I just had a town hall last night and almost every single person who stood up and spoke wanted to know when this president is going to be held accountable and I imagine that is true across America right now.”

He added, “They know the reality but they don’t want the Senate to be as one person told me let off the hook. Meaning don’t prejudge what the Senate is going to do and just give them a pass and then Cory Gardner, Martha McSally and Susan Collins don’t have to go on record and say how they will hold this president accountable or not. We shouldn’t prejudge what they do. We should put the case forward. If you put the case forward, Donald Trump doesn’t look better. You don’t walk away from a House impeachment and say he should be nominated for the Noble Peace Prize. He’s going to look like a corrupted president.”

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