Republican Traitor Calls Trump WHAT?

Image credit: NBC News

This is low.

In a recent interview with CNN, Former National Security Adviser John Bolton outrageously called President Trump “the political equivalent of a street rioter.”

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According to Breitbart, Bolton stated, “Well, I think Biden will be sworn in. I think the real question now is how much damage Trump can do before that happens. I mean, right now, I think Trump is throwing rocks through windows. I think he is the political equivalent of a street rioter. I think he has given up on the legal issues. This is not a matter of litigation and law. He has lost, I think, all but 2 out of 34 cases that have been brought around the country. I think what he is trying to do now is sew enough confusion he can break through what is called the Safe Harbor provision in the electoral process, and I think he is praying for time that something will happen. I think this is not a legal exercise any more as we saw on Friday when the Michigan legislators were called to the Oval Office.”

You can read the full details of this story here.

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