Republican Outlines NEXT Stimulus Package

Image credit: The Sacramento Bee

Here’s what we know so far…

During a recent appearance on Fox, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) told Americans about the upcoming potential coronavirus stimulus package.

According to Breitbart, “A number of things should be in that package,” McCarthy said. “But we also have a large amount of money, more than about $1.5 trillion, still out there that we have already appropriated that we need to get into this economy. But the things I look for are the things we need to do. We need liability of protection because these small businesses are questioning whether they can open again, our schools and others. So, let’s protect those as we move forward.”

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“Let’s also look at, any time you’re using federal money, it shouldn’t … de-incentivize the ability to work,” he said. “We have made a mistake where we overpaid on unemployment insurance, where now it’s hard for people to come back to work because they’re making more on unemployment than they can working. So, we have got to straighten that out as we move forward. I would look at places that we should prioritize the safety when it comes to child care or for our children and our teachers inside schools. And then I would look at the supply chain. If we’ve learned nothing from this, not the lies of China, but bringing those jobs back to America, but also our supply chain itself, not being beholden to China for so much of our critical minerals and others. Let’s find a way that we improve it here and for our stockpiling. I would do that in a different manner, working with the private sector to stockpile it.”

You can watch a clip of McCarthy’s comments here.

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