Republican EXPOSES Evil Liberal Scheme

Image credit: NBC News

They have nowhere to hide.

According to Breitbart News, Rep. Doug Collins slammed liberals for their push to defund the police stating it’s “designed to stoke fears” into Americans.

“Defunding the police is just — you know, it’s not even a rational idea,” he explained. “It’s an idea that’s designed to stoke fears and to stoke the passions of an agenda that is not coordinated or even responsive to the American needs. What we need to have today, though, and what’s really disturbing to me is that we have worked together before to make sure that criminal justice reform — First Step Act, my bill, and others that we’ve put forward that the president — again, was a combined effort between Democrats and Republicans.”

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“And I want to see that happen here, and I want to see us be able to work with the White House and the Senate and the House to actually come up with the reforms,” Collins added. “And also to help — that we make our police forces stronger. As the son of a state trooper, I believe our law enforcement needs to be stronger, and we don’t need the bad apples out there and the bad actors who are — who do criminal acts like they did in the George Floyd case to be allowed to stay on police forces. We need to make sure that our police have what they need, but we also need to make sure that they’re held accountable, as well.” You can watch a clip of Collins’ remarks here.

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