Reality Sinks In For Sanctuary City

In Oakland, CA residents are feeling the squeeze...

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In Oakland, CA residents are feeling the squeeze brought on by sheltering migrants as a “sanctuary city.”

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the city is feeling the financial squeeze despite a booming real estate surge bringing in millions of dollars. 

“Though cranes are rising across the skyline and Oakland’s revenues are growing at a steady rate due to the strong real estate market, the City’s expenses continue to rise faster than revenues. Personnel-related expenses, particularly the cost of medical benefits and pensions – as well as insurance, utilities, and fuel costs – are growing at 2-3 times the rate of inflation and revenue growth,” Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf told the city council.

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The Chronicle reports that Oaklands deficit for 2019 will be $25 million, a staggering number exacerbated from the number of benefits being given away to illegal aliens. 

The city can barely keep its street lights lit and has been forced to move funds designated for pothole repair to keep the lights on.

Meanwhile the city is shelling out $150,000 a year just on a legal fund designated to help illegals fight deportation. 

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