Pelosi’s Post Office SCAM Gets Exposed

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Here’s the truth folks…

In a recent interview with Fox Business Network, House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) by calling her push for stimulus aid to be given to the Post Office a “money grab” that she wanted “well before COVID.”

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According to Breitbart, Scalise stated, “Interesting, how the speaker has been trying to literally hold hostages for families and businesses and won’t bring the House back in for that, but when it comes to this continued desire to get — and we’re not talking about enough money to keep the Post Office running, their revenues have actually been up since the pandemic — she’s been trying to get about $75 billion, and keep in mind, their total budget is about that amount for entire year. So, she’s been trying to make a money grab for a long time, well before COVID, she’s just, once again, trying to take advantage of a crisis. The Post Office is delivering the mail. If every American voted by mail, it would represent maybe a two percent increase over what they did just in June of this year. So, this isn’t about whether or not the Post Office can deliver the mail. That’s going to be taken care of regardless. It’s about Nancy Pelosi just trying to grab more money, and leveraging and holding families hostage and businesses hostage during this pandemic.”

You can watch a clip of Scalise’s comments here.

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