Pelosi’s NEWEST Nickname

Image Credit: Fox News

Trump just added another one to the list. It’s HILARIOUS…

The House Speaker has been given a new name by President Trump. He has officially dubbed her as “Nervous Nancy.”

“Her name is Nervous Nancy because she is a nervous wreck,” Trump ridiculed.

Pelosi continues walking on egg shells for impeachment.

POTUS didn’t keep his criticism to himself while expressing his distaste for Nervous Nancy.

“I think that she’s a disgrace. I actually don’t think she’s a talented person,” he declared.

Trump admitted that initially he attempted to be kind to Pelosi for the betterment of the nation, but Pelosi’s only mission was to sabotage Trump’s presidency.

“She’s a nasty, vindictive, horrible person,” he insisted.

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Trump believes that Pelosi’s efforts will backfire.

“Nancy Pelosi is a disaster, okay. She’s a disaster, and let her do what she wants. You know what? I think that they’re in big trouble,” he continued.

He continued to throw shade at Pelosi, reminding everyone of the number of drugs, needles and homeless people in her district.

“She ought to focus on that because she’s a disaster,” he said.

When asked if Trump could do anything more to unite the country, he stated that Democrats would never join him to improve the country.

“I think success should unite the country, but I will tell you that the more successful we’ve become, the more angry people like Nancy Pelosi, who don’t have what it takes, they don’t know what’s going on, they get angry.”

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