Pelosi Calls Trump WHAT?

Image credit: CNBC

Nancy Pelosi is drunk with power.

In a recent interview with CNN, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) wildly claimed that President Trump was “delusional” for his recent statements about Republicans winning the House.

According to Breitbart, CNN’s Jake Tapper stated, “Take a listen to a prediction from President Trump about the House of Representatives. This was in the final presidential debate on Thursday.

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Tapper then played a video of President Trump saying, “I think we are going to win the House. You’ll see, but I think we are going to win the House.”

Pelosi responded, “You keep thinking that, Mr. President. You keep on thinking that. Just another example of delusional statements he made there. He said that we are on the decline with the virus, that we have cleanest air and water.”

You can watch a clip of Pelosi’s comments here.

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