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It’s rare to see CNN criticize a Democrat.

During a recent appearance on CNN, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) fired back at CNN’s Jake Tapper who accused him of celebrating his poor handling of the COVID-19 pandemic by denying it and pointing fingers at Trump and others.

According to Breitbart, Cuomo said, “The CDC is a federal agency. It’s the president’s agency. And they admitted in their report today, clearly, that the virus came, the federal government missed it. They were all looking at China. The virus had gone from China to Europe, it mutated in Europe, it came to New York. They traced the strains back to Europe. And the president talks about his travel ban against China and the travel ban against Europe. It was too little, too late. He closed the barn door after the proverbial horse was gone. And what happened in New York didn’t need to happen. It was a clear federal failure.”

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Cuomo then turned his attention to Tapper who bashed him for celebrating recent successes in the states battle against the coronavirus and selling a poster about it, “We’re not celebrating at all. That was Mr. Tapper’s misconstruction and his own political interpretation, whichever you want allowed. No. Not at all. What we’re saying is, New Yorkers did step up and did flatten the curve. That is a fact.

You can watch a clip of Cuomo’s comments here.

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