Nancy Pelosi Just Said WHAT About Republicans?

Image credit: ABC News

She’s going to regret this one.

According to Breitbart News, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi attacked Republicans stating that they have been “highjacked” by a “cult-like group of people and others who are afraid of defying the cult leader.”

MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace, said, “It’s interesting you mentioned John Kasich. He’s generated some debate. It was my sense he’s there to represent the broad coalition that Joe Biden has and plans to build on ahead of November. Some people didn’t like seeing him there, but you think it was a good idea to showcase those four Republicans?”

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Pelosi said, “Oh, yes, yes, I do. By the way, I say to my Republican friends, and I do have some, Nicolle, you know that.”

Wallace said, “I know that.”

Pelosi continued, “I say to them, take back your party. This isn’t who you are. You’re the Grand Old Party. You’ve done so much for our country. You’ve been hijacked by a cult-like group of people and others who are afraid of defying the cult leader. This isn’t what the Republican Party has been about in our country. Let’s go back to our normal debate of the role of government in the lives of the American people as our founders intended in a way that respects disagreement as we find our common ground but understand that we must come together.” You can watch a clip of Pelosi’s remarks here.

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