Melania Trump ENRAGES Liberals In One Sentence

Image credit: The Epoch Times

Here’s what the First Lady said…

First Lady Melania Trump said she is “excited” to serve “this incredible country” for another six years during a rally in Orlando, Florida.

During a campaign rally in Orlando, Mrs. Trump introduced her husband, President Donald Trump, by thanking the American people for their support and saying she is eager to serve for six more years.

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“It has been my honor to serve as first lady of this incredible country for the past two years and I’m excited to do it for six more,” Mrs. Trump said. “I’m proud of all that my husband, this administration, and our entire family have done on behalf of the American people in such a short time.”

“He truly loves this country and will continue to work on your behalf as long as he can — all of us will,” Mrs. Trump said. “Thank you all again for being here tonight.”

Mrs. Trump, with her “Be Best” campaign, has championed a number of children’s causes and has brought attention to the country’s growing opioid epidemic, whereby more than 72,000 Americans die each year.

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