Meghan McCain LOSES IT, Stabs Republicans In The Back

Image Credit: Fox News

She even went as far as calling us cowards… 

Recently on ABC’s ‘The View” co-host Meghan McCain criticized Republicans for being quiet after Trump stated that U.S. troops will pull out from northern Syria where they have been fighting alongside Kurdish forces.

McCain stated, “I’m going a little bit rogue. But I’ve been so mad this morning and so upset about this news that we are abandoning our Kurdish allies in the Middle East. These are allies of ours that American soldiers are still continuing to fight alongside. All we did was arm them, and they fought for America.”

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She carried on saying, “Right now we’re just saying we’re just going to leave them and abandon them, and to everyone in the White House and every Republican who was mad President Obama pulled out of Iraq, you feckless, unpatriotic cowards. I cannot believe this is where we’re at diplomatic-wise, and I cannot — what message is this sending to our allies and to our American troops who have fought and died for this, and I cannot believe I’m waking up in the morning seeing this kind of news.”

She continued, “I don’t care that he ran on pulling troops out. That’s a whole different thing. We leave this, this a great day for ISIS, and this is a great day for Assad, and shame on everyone supporting this. I’m sorry this is not the topic, but I couldn’t come out here today and not say this.”

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