Lou Dobbs Throws Turncoats Under The Bus

Image credit: businessinsider

Lou Dobbs, the host of Fox Business Network, had GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel come by as the two discussed the resolution to block Trump’s national emergency. 

Specifically they talked about the 5 Republican senators that have opted to vote against Trump on the matter, and Dobbs didn’t hold anything back.

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Dobbs stated that enough was enough and that it was evident that the offending senators be “removed from office.”

“I will tell you straight up. I think every senator who votes against this should absolutely be removed from office. I think the RNC should work to get rid of them,” Dobbs declared.

Currently Sent. Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Susan Collins, Thom Tillis and Lisa Murkowski have admitted they will vote with Democrats against Trump. 

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  1. Everyone of these MOTHER [email protected] needs to be charged with TREASON against the American People. They REFUSED to uphold the Constitution by Defending this Nation Against ALL enemies FOREIGN and DOMESTIC. Americans KNOW what we do to TRAITORS!!!!

  2. They know Trump is going to Veto this and he will get his way. Why would they side with those who are against supporting a strong border? If they didn’t like the power they gave the President than why not revoke it! They didn’t revoke it when the other President’s used it for their own benefits. Why Trump? we all know why, He won!

  3. Like I have always said that Paul Ryan has always been working with the Democrats. That is why I had written to the President and told him that he is a traitor against him and all of the Republicans.

  4. you betcha they should go. I have had it with not knowing where our republican party stands on issues. they are so wishy washy about everything, afraid to stand up for the president who represents their party. you can’t take your eyes or ears off any of them now, they are pure turncoats.

  5. Should take a bus load of illegals and camp them on their lawn, permenately… just build a dozen or so tiny homes .. they will be responsible for housing , feeding , medical and assist with a job for life.. they may not receive any government benefits .

  6. Lou Dobbs is right. There are enough funds in the military coffers to take care of the wall, and it is clear that the wall is necessary & if we are to remain a sovereign nation, it is also urgent.
    Thru the years I have usually agreed with the Paul’s. This issue of the border as it is now, with caravans from multiple nations changes their earlier viewpoints, at least as far as I’m concerned. It’s too late to just take away the free lunch to make the problem go away. There are more ominous reasons to know that the free lunch is not the only motivation for coming here. That has to stop as well, but right now, if we are to keep any semblance of our American identity, we MUST HAVE THE WALL. You can call it whatever works but it is essential & cannot be compared to any romanticized notions people have about walls not working because they do.

  7. Social AOC is a brainless twit that knows absolutely nothing except how to put her mouth in gear and then she proceeds to show just how stupid she really is. It’s shameful that decent hard working Americans have to watch this stupidity in action. We need adults in government instead of a bunch of five year olds and that might be giving them more credit than they deserve. Demotards unamerican comi nazis is all they are Act and behave just like Hitlers brown shirts.

    1. 20 thousand amens to your comment. She needs to be thrown in the trash back to her own country, not try to ruin ours, of which she knows nothing about!!!!

  8. These rats are deep state,like Paul Ryan, graham ,McConnell,and on and on showing there true,colors as traitors of the American people,trump needs to clean house now one way or the other, or we can kiss this country good bye for good!!!!!

  9. Lou Dobbs is 1000000% correct remember these turn coat Republicans next election Mitt Romney,Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Rob Portman, Marco Rubio, Jerry Morgan, Pat Toomey, Roy Blunt, Lamar Alexander. We don’t want or need traitors like these Trump haters in the Republican Party. They are all a disgrace to our party and the sooner the Republican Party gets rid of these traitors the more unified and stronger our party will be.

  10. I live in North Carolina and l definitely will not vote for Thom Tillis . I voted against him in the last primary and l hope more will after his vote today.

  11. The GOP has been flooding me with requests for donations, but I cannot tell which GOP I would be donating to help – the one for or against (you name the issue). !2 Senators voting against the Presidents use of emergency powers to control our border is only one of such issues.

    No thanks!

  12. It’s a sad day when elected officials to office deem it a priority to take down our President instead of working for the security of our country. I’m ashamed of the ten senators who wouldn’t support our President and our country. When you needed support Pres. Trump was working right by your side but when he needed your help and our country needed to be secured and protected, you choose to look away. Shame on you! Your just a bunch of leeches! Get over yourselves, remember you work for us not us for you. Election time is coming and I won’t support you or the Republican party neither would I even consider the Democratic.


  14. When will these so called Republicans stand up against the Democrats and start supporting our President and listening to the people of America?

    1. Jim Jordan does! He is a great Representative and a really good person. Now, Rob Portman will never get my vote again. He was really bad before President Trump was elected and then he did better, but now he has turned into an ass.

  15. It’a one day early, but I’ll bet the president knows how Julius Caesar felt after the senators gave him the business….

  16. We finally have an unabashed conservative POTUSm and whiners like Utah’s Senator are crying.
    Hope they will get primaried, kicked out when that happens

  17. I agree with Lou Dobbs. These 5 rhinos should be removed from office. 4 of these we knew were rhinos from time past. Don’t know what happened to Mike Lee who seemed to be firm in his beliefs and his interpretation and understand of our Constitution. I know the devil can get to anyone and he did.

  18. Keep a list of the 12 republicans who voted with the democrats. Publish it every day until next election. Vote out these RINOS. They are just like John McCain. These people don’t care about America or the people of America.

  19. I understand only 2 votes& that’s Lee & Rand Paul! I’m from MS & I understand Itz just a game with Wicker who just got re-elected & Cindy Hyde who will run 2020. They understand voters have short memory!

  20. Very disappointed at these so called Republicans. The President would not have had to use this method to get the border wall if they had done there jobs right in the beginning. And we would have won the House and not the Democrats. They should all lose there jobs and everything that goes along with it.

  21. Disgusted with Lamar Alexander. I am a Tennessean and could never understand why he and other representatives from Tennessee did not relay publically that a great many white Tennesseans are not wealthy. Obviously he was only worried about feathering his nest. At least Marsha Blackburn sees that America cannot financially support untold illegals on welfare. America is bankrupt. It is also disturbing knowing democrats, Hollywood, etc are unconcerned with various diseases being brought into America. I dispise the word racism which has been overused. Racism is used against the white race to turn America into a nation like the nations that the illegals are supposedly running from. Trying to understand why all these people from other nations are making mass 3xodus from the nation’s they love to come to a white hateful America is mind boggling. Of course welfare benefits are great enticements. Democrats want votes. Disgusting. God help us to pray for sanity to be restored to America before the nation turns completely socialist, communist, atheist, Muslim or whatever it is the democrats are working toward.

  22. I am so DISAPPOINTED that the AMERICAN CITIZENS HAVE BEEN LET DOWN AGAIN by these SUPPOSEDLY LEADERS. It is SHAMEFUL when individuals are elected by the AMERICAN CITIZENS to provide SECURITY AND SAFETY for the CITIZENS OF OUR GREAT COUNTRY and REFUSE TO DO SO! Our President was elected to keep the American people safe and Homeland Security and Border Patrol are to advise him. In my eyes, they are the experts and all these “naysayers and obstructionists ” in Congress should LISTEN TO THEM FOR A CHANGE. Congress has done NOTHING TOWARD FIXING OUR BROKEN IMMIGRATION LAWS, so WHY should ANYONE LISTEN TO THEM.

  23. They are part of the swamp and they stink like a skunk They are why the REP can not get any thing done because they will not stick with there party the DEMS know how to stick together even if they are not happy with what is going on shame on the RATS

  24. I wold look at the connections between these Senat-rats and G Soros and the Obama-Clinton Cartels. They have the Money and could buy opportunity thru Socialism to thrive.

  25. These traitors did not have any logical reason to vote against Trump only bribery from a third Party could have the influence to do this. Other Senators probably were offered the same bribes and turned them down. I hope they would stand up and expose the money source of the bribery.

  26. Rand Paul has become as disgusting as his liberal friends. They was actually 12 so called republicans that turned on our commander and chief president Trump. I hope all their names are remembered when their elections come up again. Sorry disgusting bi-liberals.