Lindsey Graham’s Latest THREAT Has Iran SHAKING In Their Boots

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Iran should act wisely.

According to The Daily Wire, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham told Fox News’s Sean Hannity that the notion that Iran intentionally missed its targets in its missile attack is false and that if Iran does not meet President Donald Trump’s demands that the president will “destroy their economy.”

“If there’s the conflict with Iran it will be because they choose the conflict,” Graham said. “The president gave them an out. I want you to do three things, I want you to change your behavior; stop being the largest state sponsor of terrorism, that’s not too much to ask; stand down your missile program because you’re destabilizing the entire Mid East; and you can have a nuclear power program, but you can’t have a pathway to a bomb.”

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“Those are the three conditions that the president has laid down,” Graham told Hannity. “Iran can meet the conditions if they want to. If they choose to defy President Trump, if they choose to try to get a nuclear weapon, have a nuclear breakout, if they choose to try to kill Americans in the future, they are basically writing their own death warrant.” 

“Donald Trump will destroy their economy. He will not invade with land forces but the ayatollah’s regime will come to a fiery end if they do not meet the conditions set out by President Trump.” You can read the full article here.

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