Lindsey Graham Exposes DARK Truth About Mainstream Media

Image credit: Vanity Fair

They didn’t know what to say!

Senator Lindsey Graham unleashed on the Capitol Hill press corps for their biased coverage of the impeachment of President Trump and compared it to a Democratic President.

According to the Washington Examiner, “Nobody would be saying this about a Democratic president,” Graham stated. “If a Republican House had done this, you wouldn’t even ask me that question. All of you would be in our face, saying that there’s a Democratic president and you’re denying that person, he or she, a chance to go to court and litigate these matters — gosh, you hate them so much.”

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Graham even went as far as asking why the liberal media don’t ask Democrats the tough questions.

“It shows you how complicit people have become when it comes to Trump,” Graham stated. “Not one question about the idea that a Democratic-controlled House in 48 days impeaching the president of the United States with a process where you couldn’t have a lawyer, couldn’t call a witness.” You can read the full details of this story here

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