Latest Update On The Coronavirus Relief Bill

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Here’s what we know…

Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) spoke about the upcoming coronavirus relief package aimed at helping small businesses, the economy and the unemployed.

According to Breitbart, Scott stated, “I’m very optimistic. We’ve got to take care of the people that are unemployed. We’ve got to take care of our small businesses. We’ve got to make sure that our small businesses can’t get sued over coronavirus if they are trying to do the right thing. What we can’t do is waste your money. We’ve got to spend the money wisely. You know, we’re in a financial mess right now. I don’t believe we ought to be having Florida taxpayers bail out, Andrew Cuomo’s wasteful spending in New York. We ought to take the money, spend it on coronavirus relief, but let’s don’t give the states a bunch of money to cover their prior excesses like not funding their pension plans and a whole bunch of liberal policies.”

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“So. let’s be responsible, let’s take care of the people that are unemployed, let’s take care of our small business, and let’s get this economy going. We’ve got to reopen this economy,” he said. “If you want to help the people that are unemployed, reopen the economy — reopen the economy, get people back to work. That’s the most important thing we can do.”

You can watch a clip of Scott’s comments here.

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