Kayleigh McEnany SILENCES Joe Biden

Image credit: Star Tribune

She’s not messing around.

According to Breitbart News, Trump 2020 campaign senior adviser Kayleigh McEnany slammed Joe Biden for “hiding in the basement.”

“When we have these rallies, and you have literally 45,000 RSVPs in a state, that should tell you something. We have a ground game. We turn out voters,” McEnany advised. “You have Democrats who have made the biggest miscalculation in modern American politics by not knocking on doors. They didn’t start that until mid-September, hiding in the basement. The basement strategy will not work. President Trump will prevail on Election Day voting and beyond.”

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“This president has earned a second term,” she said of Trump. “You have a choice. Voters have a choice: the dark winter that Joe Biden has promised or morning in America again. You have seen the sunny optimism of President Trump on stage. You see Joe Biden, who is promising us a dark winter ahead. I believe voters will endorse the hottest economy in modern history that President Trump is bringing back once more.” You can watch a clip of McEnany’s remarks here.

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