Kamala Harris Just Said WHAT About AG Barr?

Image credit: National Review

You won’t believe what she said.

According to Breitbart News, Sen. Kamala Harris attacked Attorney General William Barr stating that he is “an aider, abettor to the most corrupt president we’ve ever had.”

Harris said, “Listen, Bill Barr has been pretty consistent. As you recall, I questioned him even during his confirmation process, and he has been less than forthright with Congress, which, of course, has oversight. He has been less than forthright with the American people. And frankly, I think that history is going to show that he has been an aider and abetter to the most corrupt president we’ve ever had. That’s just the fact.”

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She added, “He is incapable of performing the job which is to be the top lawyer, the top law enforcement officer in the United States representing the people of the United States. And consistently, he has performed his duties as though he is the personal lawyer and the political lawyer for Donald Trump. So everything he has done has pretty much been consistent with that, whether you talk about Michael Flynn, whether you talk about Roger Stone, whether you talk about clearing Lafayette Square, whether you talk about his inability to be forthright about whether he would honor an election, that takes place, whether you look at it in terms of the sending of troops and clearly his and federal law enforcement to places like Portland.”

She added, “He’s been very clear that he is prepared to spend his time and use his power that should be in the name of the people, instead in the name of Donald Trump and his political fortunes. Frankly, the best way to address and deal with this is that we need to win this election in November, elect Joe Biden, and have a real system of justice in America that reflects our ideals of democracy and adheres to the principles of the Constitution of the United States. None of which Bill Barr has been able to really adhere to.” You can watch a clip of Harris’ remarks here.

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