Hollywood Star LOSES It, ATTACKS Trump For THIS

Image credit: NBC News

He just made a big mistake…

On SiriusXM’s “The Dean Obeidallah Show,” actor and director Rob Reiner predicted if President Donald Trump was not removed from office by either impeachment or losing the 2020 election, it “will be the end of 243 years of self-rule.”

Obeidallah asked, “Between now and next year, are you worried that Trump is going to really ratchet it up, the rhetoric, to the point of invoking violent imagery? I mean, during 2016, he said punch the guy in the face.”

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Reiner said, “He’s done it, he’s done it already, he’s going to continue to do it. He is a desperate guy who is sick in his soul. He is a sociopath who is empty inside, and he’ll do anything, anything to try and win.”

He continued, “And he’ll lie, and luckily he has between 30 – 40 percent of the public that will believe anything he says. So, it’s scary. We just have to drive our vote out. I’m telling you if he either doesn’t get removed through the impeachment process or he wins re-election that will be the end of 243 years of self-rule.”

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  1. Rob Reiner is one of the rich and is above what is really happening in this country all he knows is that he does not power he wants and maybe is paying more taxes he does not know what everyday folks go through and especially the low income that all these illegal coming here are taking away from the poor citizens the elderly and truly disabled are barely getting by because of what they are getting instead

  2. Hey Meathead, Archie was oh so right. Your logic is a sharp as a marble. Where were you when the crack smoking Chicago was trying to really ruin our Country. Go away you big crybaby!

  3. The left is very good at blaming the other side for what they intend to do! If we lose to Socialism it will be more than 243 years before we get our country back. If you want to live in misery, vote for a Democrat.