Hollywood Liberal THROWS Biden Under The Bus

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What is sleepy Joe doing?

Liberal Hollywood filmmaker Michael Moore turned on presidential candidate Joe Biden during a recent interview with MSNBC over his severe lack of support from the Black community.

Moore insisted that Biden just wasn’t doing enough for Black Americans

According to Breitbart, Moore stated, “I get calls every day from people in Michigan, ‘I can’t get a yard sign. I can’t get a yard sign’ Yesterday, a couple of friends of mine, we got together some art, we are just going to start printing our own yard signs for Biden. If we have to save the Democrats from themselves, that’s what we’ll do.”

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Moore then said, “This is a very good question to ask the Biden campaign because Hillary couldn’t get the yard signs. But Charlotte Alter points out in this TIME magazine article, there are not even field houses. You can’t go anywhere. There are no real Biden people on the ground in that way, in a way you would have. And the way they tried to kind of fluff it off is say ‘Well, it’s the 21st century, we do everything digital now.’ Man, why would you take—why would you use Michigan as the experiment? After what happened in 2016?  When Hillary lost Michigan by only two votes per precinct, that’s all. Why risk anything? Why are you ignoring the black community? Biden has only come to Michigan once and only met —he went to two white towns, one in Macomb County and one what we call downriver Detroit.”

You can watch a clip of Moore’s comments here.

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