Governor EXPOSES Biden’s TRUE Agenda

Image Credit: KTSM 9 News

Here’s what he said…

Governor Greg Abbott recently appeared on “Hannity” and stated that Biden is doing nothing at all to investigate a potential child sex assault claim in the migrant facility.

Abbott said, “Yesterday two state agencies in Texas, the Health and Human Services Commission, as well as the child protection agency, they each separately received complaints that included allegations about the sexual assault of a child.”

Here’s my point: The Biden administration knows about this. They knew about it yesterday because we shared the information with them, and still nothing is happening. Because it’s happening there, it could very well be happening at these other child detention centers. The Biden administration right now, they are saddled with child sex assault allegations and doing absolutely nothing about it. That’s exactly why yesterday I requested the Biden administration shut down this location.

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Let me tell you something else that’s really amazing, because I looked at that location: I did not see any security personnel at all. There was not a law enforcement officer, [or] anybody else who seemed like they were a person in charge of or even dealing with securing this location. These could be very dangerous places for these kids who have traveled through Mexico — Who knows what may have happened to them along the way? — only to maybe repeat assaults they were victims of on the treacherous pathway to the United States.”

This is how Biden is planning on dealing with things in regard to the southern border. He should step down and have someone who can actually do something in charge.

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