GOP Senator BODY SLAMS Radical Opponent

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She’s ready for a showdown!

Recently on Fox News, Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) took her Democratic opponent Rev. Raphael Warnock head on and said she would debate him as many times as he wants because she fully intends to expose just how radical his agenda really is.

According to Breitbart, Fox’s Laura Ingraham asked, “Warnock has challenged you to three debates. Will you take him up on the challenge?”

Loeffler replied, “Absolutely, Laura. I would welcome another chance to debate Raphael Warnock. Look, we had a debate. I had the opportunity, in that debate, to show how radical his agenda is, and we’re just getting started. So I welcome that opportunity to also show what I’ve done for Georgians since getting into the Senate in January. I’ve hit the ground running, delivered for Georgians during the pandemic to bring relief, and also holding people accountable, like Raphael Warnock, for their comments supporting folks like Fidel Castro, inviting them into his church, and at the same time, criticizing police officers. So, Georgians need to know who he is and I welcome that chance to debate him as many times as he wants.”

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She then said, “Chuck Schumer made it very clear that if we take Georgia, he said, we will change America. So, it’s no wonder that liberals are supporting the most radically liberal candidate in the country for Senate today in Raphael Warnock. And I’m going to expose that. … We’re going to make sure that we get everyone out to vote and we’re not going to let California and New York buy this election. Because Georgia is a red state.”

You can watch a clip of Loeffler’s comments here.

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