Furious Democrat Compares Trump To WHO?

Image credit: NBC News

She just made a big mistake.

According to Breitbart News, Sen. Kamala Harris attacked President Donald Trump he had “combined” the worst of segregationist former Alabama Democrat Gov. George Wallace and former President Richard Nixon.

Harris said, “I think that Donald Trump has combined the worst of George Wallace with Richard Nixon. You know, when he talks about ‘end it now’ and then ‘dominate the streets,’ you know, dominate, it literally — one iteration of dominate is about supremacy, and that’s what Donald Trump is about.”

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She continued, “Let’s be clear about it, he has spent full time from the time he ran for president throughout his term in office, full time trying to sow hate and division among the American people. What he is right now doing in terms of invoking the American military, threatening the American people with the American military, the use of the American military against its own people. He is not a commander in chief. He is a divider. He is clearly scared. And — and he cannot meet this moment that he has partly created because of his inability to understand the pain and the suffering. Right now, America is raw. Her wounds are exposed. And instead of having a president who understands it, who empathizes, who lifts up the spirits and acknowledges the pain, we have someone who chooses to hold up the Bible like a prop for his own political gain and for a photo op. And that’s just the reality of where we are.”

She added, “Look, in the history of America, we have to have leaders who acknowledge black people have been treated as less than human in the history of our country and presently when you look at what happened to George Floyd. And America has never fully addressed the historical and systemic racism that has existed. And instead of having a president that does that, we have someone who fans the flames.” You can read the full article here.

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