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She’s willing to say anything to attack Trump.

According to CNS News, former Obama administration official Susan Rice attacked President Donald Trump stating mail-in balloting and absentee voting are “essentially the same thing.”

Rice said, “We have five states in this country that have had only mail-in balloting for many years with virtually no cases of fraud and high success.”

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She added, “What does worry me is that the president and the attorney general and others in the administration are undermining confidence, public confidence in mail-in voting for political reasons without any basis in fact. They go ahead and use mail-in ballots when it’s convenient for them, but they don’t want other people to do so because they have some notion, I believe misplaced, that it’s to their political detriment.”

She continued, “And when you have the president and the attorney general actively sowing distrust in a means of voting, it’s another form of voter suppression, nothing less.” You can read the full article here.

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