Democrat MOCKS Trump During Interview

Image credit: Business Insider

He’s going to regret this one.

According to Breitbart News, Senator Cory Booker attacked President Donald Trump stating that his debate performance “was embarrassing to our country.”

Booker said, “It was painful. I think that if you’re not hurting or worried after what we just watched, maybe you tuned in to the wrong thing. I mean, Donald Trump came with this obesity of aggression and just like a pugnacious posturing that was just not who we want to represent us. It’s not representing the spirit of the heart of this country. And I respect a lot of what Joe Biden was trying to say and do during that election.”

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He added, “He came far more presidential, frankly. But Donald Trump– to see a Fox News commentator have to try to constantly wrestle with the president of the United States just so Joe Biden would have time to speak. It was embarrassing to our country. And yet another example of how Donald Trump’s heart is so discordant with I think with what the heart of America is all about and what the spirit of this country is about. It was hard. It was painful.” You can watch a clip of Booker’s remarks here.

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