Democrat LOSES It, Has Mental BREAKDOWN Over Trump

Image credit: MarketWatch

Here’s what he said.

According to Breitbart News, Sen. Cory Booker attacked President Donald Trump stating that he has brought “shameful carnage” to America.

Booker said, “I began my remarks on the floor saying that this is the second time that a band of insurgents looked to take our Capitol. The first time in the War of 1812, and this time was today. And what’s at stake to me is our republic. We are now in a deep crisis. And we have a president, in an unprecedented fashion, aiding and abetting, I think, the destruction of our republic, fanning the flames of conspiracy and trying to hold on to power.”

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Booker said, “[L]et’s get this done tonight, and try to end what Donald Trump said to us in the beginning. We thought he was trying to describe what is, when he talked about American carnage, but really what he was trying to do is talk to us about what he would try to wrought, which is the undermining of our democracy, creating the kind of carnage we saw, shameful carnage we saw today.” You can watch a clip of Booker’s remarks here.

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