Dan Bongino TEARS Bernie a New One

Image credit: Countercurrents

Bernie is going to have a hard time coming back from that one…

Fox News contributor Dan Bongino pushed back on Sen. Bernie Sanders calling President Trump “an idiot” for denying the effects of climate change.

Bongino responded with laughter on “Fox & Friends,” accusing the Democratic senator from Vermont of believing in the “money fairy” for proposing a “Medicare-for-all” plan that he estimates will cost up to $40 trillion.

“We’re talking about a guy who can’t do first-grade-level math and Donald Trump is an idiot?” Bongino asked, later questioning what jobs Sanders has held outside of politics.

It’s unclear what prompted Sanders to tweet about Trump and climate change while campaigning Saturday in Iowa.

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“Donald Trump believes climate change is a hoax. Donald Trump is an idiot,” Sanders bluntly wrote.

Bongino argued Sanders and others on the left show hypocrisy on the issue of climate change by using private jets to travel.

“He is the biggest fake I’ve ever seen in politics and I can’t believe people are getting suckered by this guy every day,” he added.

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