Crazy Democrat Says WHAT About Border Crisis?

Image credit: OpIndia

He’s completely lost his mind.

According to Breitbart News, Sen. Chris Murphy stated that “investing” in Central American countries will stop the border crisis.

“[I]n many of these countries … their leadership, if you give them the money, is not going to spend it efficiently. And so that’s why you invest in international aid organizations who have a big presence on the ground in these countries. You invest in non-profits so that you’re not funneling the money through the government. And frankly, the good news is we have a track record of success here,” Murphy advised. “When the Obama administration was investing in these kinds of programs — in what we call the Northern Triangle and Central America — you did see a fairly precipitous decline in both violence in that region and migration to the United States.”

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“Remember, the 10-year high in apprehensions at the border was not during the Obama administration, nor is it right now,” he continued. “It was in 2019 when Donald Trump had in place what he called the toughest policies at the border ever, when he had cut off much of the funding to the Northern Triangle. And so, we have experience in spending money well in these countries. And we have data that tells us it works.” You can watch a clip of Murphy’s remarks here.

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