Crazy Democrat Accuses Trump Of WHAT?

Image credit: Business Insider

He’s completely lost his mind.

According to Breitbart News, Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper attacked President Donald Trump stating that he’s in a “slow slide into autocracy.”

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“[A]s far as Secretary Pompeo’s remarks, you know, to me, it struck me as it’s hard for him to say what he said and keep a straight face,” Clapper stated. “And it seemed to me, in one sense, he was kind of belittling the vote and the voting process and the people who stood in line for hours, regardless of their persuasion, at some risk to their health and perhaps their lives to vote. And it just gave me the feeling he was belittling it. And not to mention, of course, how bad this makes us look overseas. Here is the United States, the champion of democracy, and the current administration, the president and his enablers are perpetuating this fantasy that he won the election.”

“And of course, if I were an intelligence analyst in a foreign country looking at the United States,” says Clapper, “I would be writing up its slow slide into autocracy,” he added. You can watch a clip of Clapper’s remarks here.

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