Crazy Democrat Accuses Trump Of The UNTHINKABLE

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She just made a big mistake.

According to Breitbart News, Senator Amy Klobuchar attacked President Donald Trump stating that he knows he lost the election.

Klobuchar said, “I will be one of the four members of Congress up there, receiving these results. This is on January 6th. When most people saw that tweet where he said, see you on January 6, I think they saw it as what’s that? For me, it was an ominous sign that he is not giving up on this. Do I believe our Democracy will prevail? I do, but literally, we have to go through each state and if in the ones they appear to be targeting, which is Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, if they’re joined by just one senator. Then we have a two-hour debate in each of the chambers followed by a vote.”

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She added, “We know that Speaker Pelosi has the votes to prevail, and in the Senate, a number of Senate Republicans have said that Joe Biden won this election. But nevertheless, he could string this out by getting senators to vote for hours and hours. We believe each objection could take something like four hours because of the voting procedures in the House. And I just think this is just an example of him creating more chaos, wanting to discredit the election, and really ruin what has always been a peaceful transition of power to the next president. You didn’t see Al Gore doing that. You didn’t see many other people who were in worse situations. I don’t know why he is doing this. I think it’s just for his own ego and riling up his base. But in the end, I believe democracy will prevail.” You can watch a clip of Klobuchar’s remarks here.

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