Corrupt Pelosi Goes CRAZY Over Trump

Image credit: ABC News

She’s just crossed the line.

According to CNS News, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi attacked President Donald Trump stating he’s a coward.

“This President, again, in his cowardice, his cruelty, his creepiness, has decided he’s going to go after the Dreamers again,” Pelosi said.

She added, “You know, I’m being very honest with you, Julio.  I’m not being very diplomatic.  I think that the President’s action, in terms of DACA, has been cruel, has lacked compassion, it’s been cowardly — afraid of these beautiful young people, the gold standard of people coming to our country, young and optimistic and the rest.  Thank God for their parents who brought them here.  We thank them for that.”

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She continued, “And for the Court to say that the President did it wrong, they didn’t really actually strike it down.  They just struck down how he did it.”

She said, “And for him to say he would come back — 80 percent of the American people support our Dreamers.  They — over 70 percent think they should have a path to citizenship, and that’s Democrats, Republicans, independents, everybody.  Everybody, except the President of the United States and some of his, shall we say, ‘Whatevers’ and the Republicans in the United States Senate. The bill is there to protect them. Let’s get it done.” You can read the full article here.

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