Communist Bernie Sanders Just Couldn’t Shut His Mouth

Image credit: The Independent

Can you believe this con man is trying to be the president?

Recently on ABC’s “The View,” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) claimed that President Trump’s “inaction” with regards to the coronavirus outbreak had cost “the lives of many, many Americans.”

According to Brietbart, Sunny Hostin asked, “Getting back to coronavirus, the pandemic, President Trump has said many times that no one could have seen the coronavirus coming, but in my view, we know that intelligence reports from January and February warned of a possible pandemic. Why do you think these warnings were ignored? Was he hoping that it would just go away, and why at this point, you know, do we not have our medical professionals who are on the front lines not equipped with PPE to fight this pandemic? ”

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Sanders replied, “Well, you’re asking me, and I don’t want to go off on Donald Trump. I hope that everyone in America understands that he’s the most dangerous president in American history. He thinks he knows something, but often he doesn’t, and the fact that he downplayed the nature of this pandemic from the very beginning—don’t worry. It’s all going to be over by April. We only have a few cases. Instead of rallying the American people, instead of rallying the scientific community, instead of educating the American people about the need for social distancing and the other things that we have to do, I think his inaction has cost the lives of many, many Americans.” You can watch a clip of his slanderous comments here.

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