CNN Suffers Complete RNC Meltdown

Image credit: Fox News

They didn’t know what to say…

Recently on CNN, political analyst Van Jones blasted the first day of the Republican National Convention and ironically claimed they were “out of touch” with Americans.

According to Breitbart, Jones said, “First of all, if you don’t have a job and you want to make some money, get into TV repair business because you had Democrats throwing shoes and books and everything else at their TVs all night. But the problem that you had was that you had these great Hollywood production values, and you had to have them because what you were shown was a complete false picture of the country.”

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Adding, “I was personally just blown away to have a pretense that the COVID response was great. I mean, my God, we have 180,000 people who died. The economy is great. You have 30 million people out of work, and 41% of these black businesses they are bragging on are going to be out of here. Where are the tests for people? Where is the actual effective small business? So, look, from my point of view, I understand what they are trying to do. I get it. Technically you’ll take the Reagan production values, the Nixon kind of law and order thing, two Republican presidents got re-elected, put it together supposed to get something good. But this was literally a Hollywood production that was completely contrary to the real life of real people. And I think you had a lot of Democrats who ones who watched it, jaws were hanging on the ground. They’ll have to go to the dentist tomorrow because it was shocking how out of touch this was with ordinary people’s lives. That was my view of it, brother.”

You can watch a clip of Jones’ comments here.

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