CNN’s Jim Acosta Just Can’t SHUT His Mouth

Image credit: National Review

This guy will say anything!

Recently on CNN’s “Situation Room,” CNN’s Jim Acosta accused President Trump of “really highlighting some of his authoritarian impulses.

According to Breitbart, Acosta stated, “I think what we are seeing this week with the president’s response to the pandemic, it that it is really highlighting some of his authoritarian impulses.”

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Adding, “He went back to this idea that he has total authority, that he essentially retreated from yesterday. He was saying … that we have the right, meaning the White House, to do whatever we want. That is false. The White House does not have the right — he doesn’t have the right to do whatever he wants. He can’t order these states, these governors to do what he wants. Obviously, if he puts out guidelines that they don’t agree with, they’re not going to follow those guidelines. Then the president will find out how far his power can go.” You can watch a clip of Acosta’s comments here.

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