CNN Host CROSSES The Line On Air

Image credit: The New York Times

You won’t believe what he said.

According to Breitbart News, CNN anchor Don Lemon attacked President Donald Trump supporters stating that they believe in “bulls**t.”

Lemon said, “We have millions and millions of voters who believe this election was illegitimate and it was stolen. Why do they believe that? Because you have been telling them that. Of course, they’re going to believe it. If you would stop telling them that and start telling them the truth, then maybe they would believe the truth, that the election was not stolen and it was a clean election according to everyone who has investigated, most of them Republicans.”

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He added, “So stop saying that we must respect Trump supporters who believe bulls**t because it is bullshit that you have been feeding them. The president and you have been feeding them the BS, and now that they believe it, all of a sudden, again, another self-fulfilling prophecy and feedback loop.” You can watch a clip of Lemon’s remarks here.

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