Chuck Schumer Shamelessly SLANDERS Republicans

Image credit: Political Dig

He just made a big mistake.

According to Breitbart News, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer attacked Republicans accusing them of using “using Russian propaganda” to slander “the family of the president’s political opponent.”

Schumer said, “Today, in the Homeland Security Committee, the Republican chairman has convened a hearing that slanders the family of the president’s political opponent. Believe it or not, this powerful Senate committee, with broad jurisdiction over so many aspects of the government’s response to the ongoing pandemic, is prioritizing yet another attempt to smear Vice President Biden.”

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He added, “The Committee could be holding a hearing today with the FEMA administrator to discuss disaster assistance, but no, the highest priority of Senate Republicans lies in promoting conspiracy theories that have already been discredited on numerous occasions. Conspiracy theories which, by the way, are known to be part of the Russian disinformation campaigns. Our Republican majority is using Russian propaganda to try and damage a political opponent.” You can watch a clip of Schumer’s remarks here.

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