Chelsea Handler Proves She’s A Special Kind Of Stupid

Chelsea Handler, the liberal leaning comedian who regularly attacks...

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Chelsea Handler, the liberal leaning comedian who regularly attacks the Trump administration, is taking her reputation to new lows.

In response to the recent Colorado high school shooting that left 8 injured and one dead, Handler made a tweet that lays the blame on Republicans. 

“How many children have to get killed for Republicans to do something about gun control? Thousands. Millions,” she posted. “Thank you for teaching our children that money from the NRA is more important than their lives.”

Handler obviously didn’t take any time to look into the story before deciding that everything is the fault of the GOP. If she had the celeb might have noticed that the gunman, 18-year-old Devon Erickson, was decidedly Democrat. 

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The teen’s social media posts showed that he was registered as a Democrat, regularly criticized President Trump and heaped worship on former President Barack Obama. 

A post Erickson wrote in 2014 declared, ‘You know what I hate? All these Christians who hate gays, yet in the bible, it says in Deuteronomy 17:12-13, if someone doesn’t do what their priest tells them to do, they are supposed to die. It has plenty of crazy stuff like that. But all they get out of it is ‘ewwwwww gays’.’

He shared a post from Occupy Democrats favoring Obama in 2015 and shared another video in 2016 when TV host Seth Meyers slammed Trump.

All this goes to show that Erickson likely had no involvement with the NRA and was furthermore fueled by a hatred that was actually fostered on a heavy diet of Democrat rhetoric. 

But that’s not the story Handler wants to share. 

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