Celeb Loses It Over ‘PeePee Tape’

Image credit: storenvy

One celebrity is sounding the alarm with conspiracies over what they’re calling a “peepee tape.”

Washed up actor Alec Baldwin took to Twitter claiming that the United States was being had by Russian President Vladimir Putin and throwing in another call for Trump’s impeachment while he was at it. 

This “peepee tape” that Baldwin is squawking about is a conspiracy theory that President Donald Trump is being blackmailed by Russia with 2013 video evidence that allegedly depicts him watching two prostitutes urinating on a bed in Moscow.

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There has been nothing to support that the idea is in anyway true. 

Things like facts are stopping Baldwin from further implying that Trump is staging a war with Iran purposefully to divert attention away from said scandal. 

First off the only one who seems to be concerned about an imaginary blackmail tape is Baldwin himself. Furthermore it’s ridiculous to imply that ANY president would incite a war with another country over such an issue. 

It should come as no surprise though, Baldwin struggles to make sense on even his best days. 

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