Bob Woodward Launches Second Attack On Trump

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This man is full of lies!

journalist Bob Woodward recently appeared on MSNBC where he stated President Trump was “putting a dagger in the Constitution.”

According to Breitbart, host Nicolle Wallace asked, “This statement yesterday is about obliterating the Constitution. Rod Rosenstein was reported to have whipped votes for the 25th Amendment. No one has challenged what Mattis and Coats have said. Since your book came out, I heard they have felt that way for a very long time. I wonder if it escalates things when it’s not just the obliteration of norms, but also obliterating the Constitution?”

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Woodward replied, “It’s not just challenging the Constitution. It’s putting a dagger in the Constitution. For the president of the United States to do that is — you know, I don’t know whether there’s language to describe this and what’s happened is that Trump has been like this from the beginning, before he was elected president just saying outrageous things, doing outrageous things. He’s made the country and the world numb. Oh, well, that’s the way it is. Oh, 1,000 people died today because of the virus, well, it isn’t 2,000 like it was before. So things are getting better. Things are getting worse, and I don’t know where the wake-up call comes to the country.”

You can watch a clip of Woodward’s comments here.

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