Big Macs And Whoppers As Trump Celebrates Historic First

Image credit: tmz

President Trump is celebrating sports in his typical fashion with a feast of fast food, but there is a little more significance in this particular instance.

For the first time a woman’s athletic team is being honored at the White House by the Trump administration. 

That honor goes to the Lady Bears of the Baylor University women’s basketball team who just won the NCAA championship. 

A White House pool report noted Trump complimenting the team noting that it was a “tough, rough game with Notre Dame,” but that ultimately Bayor came out victorious. 

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“To coach Kim Mulkey, I want to just congratulate you and the entire team,” Trump said.

“The championship game will go down as one of the greatest in the history of women’s college basketball,” Trump later added. “You would say that, I think coach, right, supposedly one of the greatest games ever?”

Mulkey humbly responded that it was “probably the most stressful.”

This is the third championship victory for the Lady Bears but their first run at a championship since 2012.

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